69 People Died on Australian Farms in 2015

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There were 69 farming deaths in Australia for 2015.

That’s 69 people too many.

For the 5th consecutive year, Quad bikes have proven to be the leading cause of death on Australian Farms.

Farming Deaths
Quad Bike Safety

69 people lost their lives.. This was up from 54 in 2014.

Quad bikes and tractors accounted for over 40% of these farming deaths. As if the number of deaths themselves was not enough, a number of the victims were children.

15 people died on Quad bikes alone. Up from 14 on 2014.

Whilst Quad bikes are a vital piece of farming infrastructure; correct and safe use is so important.

Farm Safety Matters. If you have family or staff using Quad bikes and other machinery on your farm make sure they are correctly trained.

A great way to do this is with the Safe Farm, Quad bike safety course, available right here:

Quad Bike Safety Induction

Remember training is only part of the solution. Monitoring and observation of behaviour on farm after the training is critical too.


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