Farm Safety Matters

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In part this is because farms are dangerous places. But when you couple that with the fact that the work location is often in isolated or remote areas, and that operators are often working by themselves, when an accident does take place there is frequently a delay in first aid and advanced care treatments. Even the smallest injury has the potential to turn into a major catastrophe.

Whilst we simply cannot remove the risks on farms, we can do more to prepare our employees or contractors to deal with those risks when they are on site.

One of the quickest and simplest ways is to improve training.Farm Safety Training

We often take for granted the risks. Whilst the know about them, and acknowledge them, we justify them by saying things like “its just common sense”. The thing about common sense is its not all that common.

When the first fleet arrived in Botany Bay, it took just two hours for the first settler to die. The cause, a snake bite. Now for us, common sense tell us not to pick up the snake. But to the new arrival, without the background and experience to know that, it seemed perfectly logical to explore this interesting animal.

The same applies with our workers and contractors. We need to find the time to train them and make them aware of the risks, no matter how obvious they are to us.

Now most people and organisations have the best intentions when it comes to basic safety training. But in the heat of the season, when everyone is under pressure and working long hours, and we just need people to get started, safety and training is often short cutted or worse overlooked or forgotten all together.

I mean when your doing the work of 2 or three, who has time to take an hour out for the new arrivals?

Being from a farming background I completely understand the why, but as has been proved in court time and time again this is no excuse.

We have both a moral and legal obligation to provide basic training and keep our workers and contractors in a safe working environment.

Online training provides a simple, accessible and on demand solution to this problem.

Given that the training is available on demand, you can have workers complete the training before even arriving on site, which means you can be assured when they do arrive they have a basic understanding of the risks they are about to face.

As the training is recorded, it takes no effort from you or your existing team.

Further the audit trail provides clear record of the training provided, which will help if you do find yourself in a court.

But if that alone is not enough, it can also helps increase productivity by providing basic job training and overview to your new worker.

Whilst training alone will not make your environment safe, it will go a long way to assisting you do all things reasonably practicable to maintain a safe workplace and environment.

If you want to know more about the benefits on using online training to help meet your legal obligations and improve your workplace performance and safety, give us a call at OTrain on 07 3040 3310 or check our our website at or

Because, Farm Safety Matters.

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