SafeFarm Series by OTrain:

OTrains SafeFarm series was born from our own frustration on the land.

Having grown up farming, and having built a successful business providing seasonal labour to large scale corporate farming operations, we know first hand the challenges of getting people trained to meet your productivity needs and legislatively required obligations.

Whilst there has always been plenty of “certified” training available for more senior and permanent roles, simple basic training for seasonal labour seemed to be overlooked.

We wanted to help.

We built this system whilst we were still employing staff to help meet our needs. 3 of our clients asked to access it within 6 weeks of launch. When the 4th client asked for access, we realised there was a greater need. So we made it publicly available.

Since then, we’ve continued to refine and grow.

We’ve coupled our own first hand experience, plus feedback from growers, industry experts and seasonal workers to build a series of online training courses specific to farming.

Delivered via our Intuitive, on-demand learning management system, you can now quickly and cheaply provide training to all your farming employees.

All of our programs are available online – or via offline resources which can be used in locations without strong internet connectivity.

Best of all our programs are available on demand, so you can train where ever you want, when ever you want any time day or night.

Its another way OTrain helps to provide a SafeFarm.

About OTrain:

OTrain puts training online.

With OTrainU our cloud based Learning Management System  and our creative Studi.O team; OTrain is on a mission to Save the World from Boring Training.

With a catalogue of Ready to GO! online training content, and our Training Success Club to help make your training work, OTrain is your logical choice as an online training partner.

OTrain is Simply put, a better way to train.

If your interested in creating or hosting your own training, or to simply learn more about OTrain visit or call us on 07 3040 3310