All business owners and employers are required to provide a safe workplace for workers, contractors and visitors.

A great way to lay the foundations for a safe workplace is by delivering a pre-employment safety induction course.

What is a Safety Induction?

Safety induction training assists farm owners or managers meet their legal requirements for providing a safe workplace.

What is the purpose of a safety induction?

A safety induction is the first step you take with new workers and contractors to be sure they have the knowledge and skills required to work safely on your farm.

Delivered to every new worker or contractor prior to commencing work, it’s typically a broad introduction to how you manage safety on your farm.

It’s also the time to make sure people are aware of the key hazards and risks that may be present such as;

  • Irrigation Channels
  • Overhead Powerlines
  • Animal Crossings

Regardless of experience, all new workers and contractors should complete the safety induction training.  Never assume an experienced new worker has the information and skills to do the job safely on your farm, or with your equipment, any more than an inexperienced backpacker.

You must be confident that the new worker or contractor understands how to do the job safely and are ready to play his/her safety role before commencing work on the farm.

Why do we need safety inductions?

Everyone has a role to play when it comes to a safe workplace and it’s important that all new workers and contractors are aware of their role and yours as an employer or manager.

While as an employer or manager you are required to provide a safe workplace, it takes the co-operation of every worker on the farm to ensure you can fulfill your responsibility.

It should never be assumed that a new worker or contractor is aware of their responsibilities or have the skills needed to carry out all farm jobs safely.

This is why a safety induction is important prior to commencing work.

  • As the farm owner or manager you are required by law to;
  • Inform the worker of his/her responsibilities and those of the employer
  • Inform the worker of the specific hazards of work on the farm and of relevant rules and expected safe practice
  • Assess the skills of the farm worker to ensure that jobs are undertaken in such a way that the safety of the worker is protected
  • Train the worker so that the necessary safety skills are developed

When to deliver safety induction training?

The best time to deliver safety induction training is prior to the worker or contractor commencing work on the farm.

Setting out your safety expectations at the start will go a long way to cementing how important safety on the farm is to you and your team.

It also helps the process of correcting any unsafe work practices that may be observed and allow for a positive and constructive conversation about how it can be done safely.

Workers need to see that safety is part of the job when working on your farm.  Making it clear in the beginning, taking up any safety issues with your workers becomes a straightforward matter.  It also encourages workers to report his/her safety concerns.

It’s also a great idea to reinforce your safe work practices with current workers and contractors by repeating your safety induction training every year.  This will reinforce your safety message while also providing an opportunity for feedback on areas in your training that may need updating as you improve how you do things.

How to deliver safety induction training

Safety induction training can be delivered by you or one of your team face to face, as a group or one on one.  But this can interfere with a days work, become time-consuming and if you have a lot of new workers coming and going, you can be left feeling a bit like a parrot repeating yourself.

The alternative to face to face training is online training.

Putting training like your safety inductions online means you can deliver your safety induction training over and over again with you needing to put down your tools.

Delivering safety induction training online allows you to deliver a clear and consistent message to all workers, new or old.  Face to face training gives room for the message to change depending on the time available or who’s telling the story.  With online training you can be sure what message is being delivered and how.

Questions and quizzes can be included throughout the training to make sure your new workers and contractors understand the safety message being delivered.  Leaving you confident, that after successful completion of these assessments your new worker understands how to work safely on your farm.

Start Today!

Start delivering generic farm safety inductions to your workers, new and old, today with the SafeFarm AgCard and HortCard.

Each course is delivered online and has been designed to provide the essential skills required to work on and around the farm safely.

Already have your own safety induction training specific to your farm?

Great!  We’d love to have a chat about how you can put this training online for your new workers and contractors to do any time, any where.

Contact the SafeFarm team today on 07 3040 3310 for an obligation free chat about putting your safety induction training online or implementing the the SafeFarm AgCard or HortCard as part of your pre-employment process.

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