About Us

SafeFarm works with progressive Employers involved in the Agricultural and Horticultural sectors who want to be more productive and better meet their obligations around induction and on the job training. 


Delivering good induction and pre-employment training takes time, time that you often don’t have when you’re busy and ‘in season’. Add to this the perils of maintaining good records and quality control over what is being delivered and its no wonder most pre-employment, induction and job specific training is hap-hazard at best.

Even when its conducted thoroughly, the audit trail can often have gaps, leaving individuals and the organisation exposed in the unfortunate event of an onsite injury or accident should something go wrong.

SafeFarm helps by providing an on demand, independent, third party induction and theoretical training process to allow you to focus on your business. And importantly at an affordable price.


Training is available 24/ via the SafeFarm website and online training room and is typically completed off site and before a new employee or contractor even arrives, meaning they arrive on site trained, prepared and ready for the work ahead.

You can then focus on the job specific training specific to your workplace or roles.

Records are maintained electronically and can be independently verified at any time by our enterprise grade digital training solution.

Training is available exactly when its needed, and the same information is delivered EVERYTIME regardless of how busy you are. And best of all, all courses are finished off with an assessment to ensure the user has not only done the training but understood the key messages and expectations.


The SafeFarm process provides you with certainty that your pre-employment induction and theoretical training is being completed in full every time and provides documented evidence to support the delivery if its ever needed such as a compensation claim or court case.

As providers of training exclusive to Agriculture and Horticulture we engage extensively with Growers, Contractors, Industry Bodies and other Stakeholders to ensure our courses are relevant and continue to meet your needs.

Users and your admin team are not forgotten either as we provide 7am-7pm Monday to Friday live support to assist anyone trying to find or complete training programs or get records to confirm the same.

To Learn More about SafeFarm or see how our digital training solution could help you, call 07 3040 3313