Sun Safety Training Course

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The SafeFarm Sun Safety Training Course will provide your employees with an understanding of the dangers of the sun and how to correctly protect themselves from heatstroke and other sun-related sicknesses.

A growing number of employers are insisting on staff having completed the Sun Safety Training Course prior to being able to work on their farming operation.

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Course Description

Topics Covered:

The SafeFarm Sun Safety Training Course is presented in a Multimedia Style presentation and includes a professional voice narrative.


The course covers the following topics:

1. Risks from the sun

2. Sunburn

3. Skin Cancer

4. Preventing Sunburn

5. Dehydration

6. Heat Stress

7. Preventing Heat Stress

8. Heat Stroke


Who should do this course:

  • Anyone planning to work on or visit a farming enterprise.
  • Anyone wanting to better understand the risk associated with the sun.
  • Anyone wanting to improve their own safety and farm safety in general.


Time and Assessments:

This course will take approximately 20 minutes and includes a 10 questions assessment upon completion.

A pass mark of 85% is required and all participants who achieve the pass mark or more will be issued with a Certificate of Completion for their own records.


Download the Sun Safety Training Brochure Here