Frequently Asked Questions


Here is a selection of questions we are frequently asked, including the answers. 

If you have a questions not listed below, complete the form or give us a call on 07 3040 3313

How long do your courses take?

Courses vary in length depending on content and application, but typically they are between 20 and 60 minutes and include some form of assessment to ensure understanding.


What if my team or I need help?


We offer live chat support on all our sites and courses from 7am-7pm Monday to Friday (Qld times) for all your enquiries. This service is manned by people familair with all the courses and the system itself so can provide assistance for my queries.

Are you an RTO?

Most of our courses are not courses certified by the ASQA and don’t need to be delivered by an RTO. For those that are, we partner with InTraining Systems, a well regarded and long time provider of training services to the sector.

Does having staff complete your course completely idemnify me if something goes wrong?

No. No training can completely indemnify you for accidents on site. Training does however form part of a well balanced approach to site safety and having staff complete the SafeFarm course provides an audit trail to help show your committment to doing all things reasonably practicable.

Our courses are designed to provide background information for people working in Agricultural and Horticualtiural operations and are generic in nature. Site and Job specific training should also be provided, as well as suitable job site supervision.

What if I have a unique need for training?


We can help with that too!

We can build your specific course from scratch, or modify our existing courses and modules. Give us a call our friendly team will be happy to discuss options.

What about offline access?


Our courses are designed to be delivered via the SafeFarm website which by nature needs internet access. We do have offline options available though and would be happy to disuss your personal needs.

Just give the team a call on 07 3040 3313


What if English is not the first language of my staff or team?


All our courses are presented in simple english and include images to assist. Participants are able to rewind and repeat sections they’re unsure of. And if thats not enough, we’d welcome the opportunity to discuss with you the option to recreate our courses in languages other than English.


What if my staff and team can’t use a computer?


Our site, process and courses are quite intuitive and have been designed with this in mind. Generally if someone is able to use Facebook or send/receive an email, they will be able to complete our online training programs even with the most minimal computer literacy and/or confidence.

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