Our popular pre-employment Farm Safety Induction for Horticulture – HortCard, has been refreshed and updated for 2022.

There have been some minor changes to the audio and visual presentation. In a major change we have removed the Covid 19 module. Given the sustained education campaigns throughout Australia (and the world) it was deemed this information was no longer critical for inclusion.

With the removal of the Covid module, the course now takes about 40 minutes to complete. This includes completing the knowledge checks in each module, and the assessment at the end.

As before, once a user has successfully completed the course and assessments, they will be issued with a certificate and vCard which can be downloaded or printed. A copy can also be sent direct to the employer via the built in ‘Send Card’ function. Certificates and training records also remain on the users SafeFarm profile to create a skills passport and audit trail.

The Covid 19 module is still available (for free) on the SafeFarm portal.

If you haven’t already, why not check out the HortCard induction program and see how it could help better prepare your employees, and improve your compliance and farm safety.

About HortCard:

The SafeFarm HortCard course is a generic Induction for field and seasonal workers involved in the fresh produce sector to help improve farm safety.

It covers a range of topics needed to allow you to work safely in a horticultural field environment. Importantly is also helps farmers, contractors and other employers to meet their legal obligations around employee induction and safety training.

You can learn more about HortCard here

About SafeFarm:

SafeFarm works with progressive Employers involved in the Agricultural and Horticultural sectors who want to be more productive and better meet their obligations around induction and on the job training. 

SafeFarm helps by providing an on demand, independent, third party induction and theoretical training process. Importantly at an affordable price.

You can learn more about SafeFarm here

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